Actions To Stop Birds Nesting in Your Roof

There are plenty of birds you can notice in Australia every day. They play an important role in our ecosystem. There can occur several problems when birds will come into contact with humans. The nesting of the birds is a very common issue that many homeowners face. They particularly make their nests under the roof tiles. It can damage the structure of your property and is a threat to your health.

You can remove the nests outside of the bird’s nesting season so that the birds and their nests will be left undisturbed. Various types of ideas can stop birds nesting on your roof.

Here Are Some of The Important Actions of Bird Proofing Methods:

Placing or Hanging The Barriers

Birds do not like shiny or reflective items. You can place some cheap mirrors at places where birds make nests. Try hanging a long piece of foil from the leaves that can reflect in the sun. Other barriers can be fake figures of owls or cats as birds get scared by such figures. Move these items around your property as birds can find out that they are not harmful to them.

Removing Water Resources

Birds also need water to live like humans. You can remove the pooling water such as birdbaths and pet water bowls. Birds will move out of such places very frequently. Keeping your gutters clean and free of leaves and scrap is also a good idea.

Removing The Nests

Remove the nest from your roof as soon as possible. The birds will know that the place is unfriendly to live in. You may have to repeat this several times before the bird understands your message. Clean the area well after removing the nest, birds are susceptible to harbor diseases.

Using Sound Devices

You can also use some sound devices available in the market that may warn birds to stay away from your property. Though these are not 100 percent effective because birds are very good at finding out which calls are real.

Professionals Bird Proofing Methods

The professionals will use the best of their knowledge to stop the birds from making nests on your roof. They will use the coverage for the gutters and bird spikes on beams and perching areas and give you the guarantee to prevent the birds from nesting on your roof.

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