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Without proper ant prevention and control in the house, they can cause an infestation. That’s why here at Pest Control Adelaide, we have effective services to help you. We have multiple years of experience in controlling ants at every stage of their growth in homes. 08 7184 0976 is our fixed helpline number, and you can call us anytime to submit your queries for Ant Control Adelaide, SA.

Our quality pest eradication services are available at affordable cost with the Professional pest controllers team.

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Easy Signs To Confirm The Presence of Ants At A Place

Although ants don’t cause any harm they can be extremely irritating when they get inside your place. If you are facing problems due to ants, it’s important to get them removed by a professional pest controller. Some of the easy signs to confirm the presence of ants is:

Ants have a tendency to leave a distinct trail to a food source. This will draw other ants towards it. If you identify any such trail then it’s a definite sign of ants at your place.

If you find piles of soil or dirt, then it is nothing but ant nests. Ants generally settle in hidden places.

Carpenter ants are attracted by wood. Hence if you find sawdust here and there, then it is clearly a sign of ants.

    Emergency Ant Control Services in Adelaide

    These capable and intelligent tiny creatures are usually known to be harmless. However, they can be a nuisance when they get inside your property. Ants can survive in conditions that might seem challenging for us.

    How Do They Cause Harm? Ant infestation is commonly associated with four harmful consequences, namely:

    • Nasty Bites: Almost all of us must have been bitten by an ant at some point in time. These bites are perhaps harmless but can easily bring in itchiness and plenty of discomfort.
    • Food Poisoning: Ants can cause food poisoning as you don’t know through which areas they have been traveling before reaching your delicacy.
    • Business Losses: Food-related businesses can become victims of lost trading revenue as an infestation can bring in health and hygiene issues.
    • Reputation: Customers won’t find ants on business premises right.

    Although DIY products can help with smaller ant problems. Problems with garden ants or multiple infestations would necessitate the use of a licensed pest control service. Our pest controllers are familiar with the habits of each species and have a variety of potent insecticides on hand to cope with ants and give you peace of mind that the problem has been resolved completely.

    After booking an appointment with Pest Control Adelaide, a team of experts will reach your residence to carry out a detailed survey. After providing a quote and a few recommendations, our technicians will get on with their work. Additionally, we are famous for Emergency Ant Control Services in Adelaide. We make use of advanced pest control products and innovative methods.

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    How Do Our Exterminators Help To Get Rid Of Ants

    Our experts at Pest Control Adelaide follow a few simple methods to get rid of ants.

    • Before they start the service, they will seal off windows and doors completely. To restrict the entry of new ants inside, they use ant repellents like table salt which is highly effective in keeping ants away.
    • Next, they inspect each and every corner of your place to get an idea about the types of ants present and where they are creating issues.
    • A proper inspection enables them to use the right pesticide in the right proportions to get rid of unwanted creatures. Baits, ant traps and insect growth regulators are mostly used by our professionals.
    • Our team is also known for educating the people about the reasons behind ant problems and what measures can be taken to eliminate them completely. They also make aware of the different treatments that are available for different problems.

    Tips To Control Ants From Entering Or Growing In Your House

    There are always certain tips you can follow to prevent the entry of ants or their colonies inside your house. To do so:

    • You can keep the food items in air-tight containers.
    • Ensure that the backyard doors are closed on time.
    • Clean the bowls, containers, and bottles regularly, so there is no foul smell or oiliness left behind by food items.

    Otherwise, you can always reach Pest Control Adelaide for only the best ant control services in Adelaide. Our experts know how to go the extra mile to help each client in Adelaide. We have been dealing with multiple species of ants in Australia for years. Therefore, we know exactly how to perform indoor and outdoor ant control services affordably.

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