How long does a pest control treatment last?

A professional pest control treatment can last 3-4 months. However, that generally depends on the intensity of the pest infestation. Severe pest infestations may need monthly visits.

Why is opting for pest control on your own not a good idea?

Opting for pest control on your own might not actually be a good idea. That is because homeowners lack expert knowledge on pests. Thereby, it leads to an increase in the risk of pest recurrence. Moreover, it is also not possible for individuals to know in-depth about the various pest control products available in the market. Also, the safety risk is something that one needs to understand.

Is it possible to sleep in my bed after opting for bed bug treatment?

Yes, you can sleep in a bed after opting for bed bug treatment. However, it is highly recommended that you wash your bedsheets before attempting to relax on them. That is because it isn’t hygienic to sleep over droppings or shed skins of the dead bed bugs.

Why do you have pests in your house even if you clean regularly?

If you are wondering why you have a pest issue when your house is clean, then that is a valid question. The answer is that most pests seek shelter and food in your house. Dirt and grime do not attract them. In fact, it is food and water that compels them to invade your house. That is why you need to seal all cracks and holes and make sure that there are no open sources of food and water for the pests.

Does pest activity increase after the pest control treatment?

Yes, it is actually normal to witness an increase in pest activity after the pest control treatment. It generally means that the pest control is working. But, if the issue remains the same over a span of a week, then you need to call in the experts again.