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Termites are attracted by your wooden items or home furnishing items due to moisture and mould development. If you have not hired an exterminator to make your backyard furniture and deck termite-proof, then you probably need us immediately. Our professional termite control Adelaide services give you a long-lasting anti-termite solution. Dial @08 7184 0976 to book an appointment with us now!

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    Termite Inspection And Treatment Service in Adelaide To Help You Buy A Better Property

    Pest Control Adelaide offers the best termite control services in Adelaide to help fight some of the most destructive termites and get rid of them. We are aware that termites cause millions of dollars of damage to homes and businesses each year, and it has been proven that termites usually attack one in five homes in Adelaide. So, it is extremely important to choose an experienced pest control service with expertise in termite inspection and treatment service to help you get rid of these pests to purchase a better property. Our termite inspection team is trained under the Australian Standards and CSIRO, and we possess one of the most qualified termite control technicians in Adelaide.

    Why Worry About Termites?

    Although termites may look harmless, they cause significant amounts of destruction when they are in groups. Termites are capable of ruining nearly any piece of furniture in a given period. Therefore, termite infestations should be treated immediately and not left untreated at any cost. They primarily feed on wood but also damage paper, books, insulation, and filtration systems. The termites can cause permanent damage to buildings. Thus, a proper termite inspection/infestation report should be a primary condition of sale when buying or selling a home. Therefore, if you want to prevent yourself from being attacked by termites and get your property damaged, you must have your property checked and serviced regularly.

    Termite Warranties Or Green Pest Control: The Best Thing For Our Customers

    Termite Warranties: Termite warranties include retreatment and repair warranties. These are usually issued for five years or eight years or a lifetime, extending as long as you own the property. The Retreatment and Repair Warranty is the best termite warranty that you can get and claim. Thus, Pest Control Adelaide is known for issuing this Termite Warranty and is applicable for retreating your home if termite activity is found and repairing any damage they cause at no additional cost. 
    Green Pest control: We are known for providing Green Pest Control. This is a more environmentally friendly method to manage termite infestations without harmful toxic chemicals. The major advantage of green pest control is that it reduces the prolonged exposure to pesticides causing serious health issues.

    Termite Control Adelaide

    Why Are Infestations Often Discovered In The Spring?

    The spring season is the ideal season for termites when large numbers of these winged pests are discovered more in our houses. The termites are also known as ‘swarmers,’ particularly due to their nature in which these termites swarm to disperse and start new colonies. These pests are triggered by warmer temperatures and rainfall, resulting from which they emerge from the colony and fly into the air and enter into the houses. The termites are then known to drop to the ground and shed their wings. Then they tend to pair off with a mate to begin new colonies in the soil. These termite swarmers arriving inside a home are incapable of damaging wood and usually live for about a day or two. 

    Liquids And Baits: Two Ways We Use To Control Termites in Adelaide

    • Liquids: The first treatment method is liquid termiticides. This method has been prevalent for many decades. The main objective of the method is to provide a long-lasting “barrier” in the soil to prevent the termites from entering and infesting the buildings. Unfortunately, this method is so effective that the termites already within the building die due to the liquid. This happens because they cannot return to the soil for supplemental moisture.
    • Baits: The other method of treatment category is baiting. Termite baits primarily consist of cellulose-based food combined with a slow-acting substance found to be lethal to termites. These baits are usually installed below the ground level out in the yard in cylindrical plastic stations. The adulting termites eat the bait and then share it with the other nestmates, due to which there is a gradual reduction in the termite numbers. 

    How Our Exterminators Handle Termites and Their Breeding?

    The hired professionals at Pest Control Adelaide come with an impressive practical background and experience. Besides, we provide occasional training sessions to hone the pest control skills of our staff members. Regardless of your termite infestation situation, the below-listed treatment program is fundamental.

    • Inspection: Our professionals will deploy cutting-edge tools or practices to inspect and locate termite-infested areas.
    • Fumigation: A solution will be sprayed onto the infested areas to eradicate 90% of the pest issue.
    • Treatment: Our Termite Control Adelaide exterminators will adhere to the designed treatment program to treat termite-infested areas. It will complete the remaining 10% of the pest control job for lasting results.
    • Coating: After treating and filling the termite-affected areas, our professionals will apply an even layer of potent anti-termite solution.
    • Service Delivery: Once the coating is dried and the final inspection is completed, our exterminators may ask your opinion on the rendered service quality.

    Does The Entire House Need To Be Treated, Or Only Treat The Areas With Termites?

    The subterranean termite colonies are known to comprise many thousands of individual termites maturing in different directions. This is why spot treatments are usually considered a gamble and should be avoided except in cases of warranty-related retreatment. Pest control services do not prefer this method. The termites are more likely to find other points of entry into the premises.

    Pest Control Adelaide is known to offer “perimeter” applications, using a liquid product such as Termidor. This process involves the treatment around the entire exterior of the home and spot treating any infested areas. Since such treatments are highly reliable, the team at Pest Control Adelaide offers a warranty in the event of termite return. Such warranties ensure that the company will return and retreat the affected area without any additional charge. However, it can be quite risky to purchase any termite treatment without any warranty.

    Have I Been “Cheated” If Termites Continue To Infest My Property After Treatment?

    It certainly does not mean that you have been created. This is because, unlike other services, the termite control service involves living insects. Even with the best pest control treatments, which are performed with in-depth knowledge about pest control, the company may fail when these termites find their way through untreated gaps in the soil. While the main objective is to develop a continuous, impenetrable chemical barrier, this isn’t easy to achieve in reality. It may take weeks or months for termites to find the below-ground installations and a few months more to achieve complete control over the termites when it comes to baits. The primary key is to hire a professional pest control service comprising a team of experienced and skilled technicians. The companies will return and retreat the affected areas without any additional charge for complete customer satisfaction.

    Termite Control Adelaide: Get Termite Protection For Your House Now!

    Wooden furniture tends to last decades, but you can face disappointments if termites eat away your home furnishing items. The termite control experts are available at Pest Control Adelaide. They save money on existing or possible to-be-replaced wooden items or furniture at reasonable prices. A brief discussion is more than enough for our exterminators to resolve your termite issues. Contact us now!